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Thích Nữ Giới Hương

Bia Hay noi loi yeu thuong - Love and Understand

There are people who are wives, husbands, brothers and sisters in a family, living side by side for a long time but who rarely show their love and care for each other. From their heart, they often feel that few people understand and love them, much less recognize each other's value. It is  hard to find a soulmate of sympathy, so they often live in emptiness, depression, lack of understanding and compassion.

 In this era, everything is available in society—luxury cars,  computers, iPads, cellphones, internet, robots, atomic bombs, stealth aircraft, spacecraft, the moon, Mars . . . these are phenomenally modern, yet something is lacking in life, the neccessary basic everyday love. Therefore, to live on this planet, we should express our love, altruism, and gratitude to make life more beautiful. That's why this small book, Words of Love & Understanding is presented.

We would like to introduce this meaningful work to readers near and far and invite corrections and comments to be incorporated into future printings.

We gratefully acknowledge with special thanks Bhikkhunī Viên Quang, Bhikkhunī Liên Hiếu, Mrs. Thanh Phi, and Pamela C. Kirby (who worked as my assistants for translating, proofreading, design, and publication).

Fourth Full Moon of the Mouse Year, 2020

Perris, California.

Sincere gratitude,

Thích Nữ Giới Hương


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